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Why Would We Do This?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 10:07 AM

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking to a room full of big-hearted golfers at our annual One Spark golf tournament.  The message I most wanted to convey is why the issue of violence against women - and working to end it -  is so important.  The reasons translate into why my sister and I will run 42.2 km in one week's time to raise money to fund women entrepreneurs that are trying to move forward from violence.  I wanted to share a few of those reasons in the hope that it might inspire people to donate to our marathon quest.  This is some of what has inspired this mission:

  • It was sitting with a dear friend that was like a brother to me in despair at his mom’s apartment a few days after she died.  As I listened to him recount her life, I noticed that he was telling it in chapters of the violence she experienced, and I came to the devastating realization that her story of abuse was also his story of abuse, and that she died never really having escaped it.
  • It was August 8 and May 16: two days when my life changed forever with the birth of my daughters and, as a mom, I started to constantly think about the “what ifs”.
  • It was 6 months working with child protection workers at the Children’s Aid Society as we compiled indisputable statistical evidence telling us that in a home where mom is abused, the children are likely abused and vice versa.
  • In the course of that same research, it was reading the Ontario Coroner’s Inquest into the death of Gillian Hadley whose final act as a mom was to struggle to get her front door open long enough to get her 1-year old child outside and into a neighbour’s arms before she was killed, and knowing that not being able to afford alternative housing was one of the reasons she was still in her family home that day.  
  • It’s the fact that Ontario now has Jared’s law because another little 8 year old boy in Brantford didn’t make it out the front door when he was caught in the crossfire of domestic violence.
  • It was sitting around a table with a group of violence survivors and listening to them agree that the scariest day of their life was not the day they went into a shelter, but the day they left its security and protection.
  • It’s been listening to the news over the past 18 months and thinking about how many women don’t get daily coverage of the fear they are living with, or the survival strategies they are putting in place every day.
  • And now it’s the amazing, courageous, strong, resilient women we work with at One Spark that say all they want is to live free of the fear, shame, guilt, and denigration that they’ve experienced and that they know, given this chance to generate income and stand on their own, that they will finally come to see that they have much to bring to the table and are so much more than their violent experiences. 
There are so many other reasons, including the 24 women and children we lost in Ontario to gender-based violence in 2014, and the 599 we have lost since 1990.  It also includes the more than 1,000 indigenous women in Canada that have been missing or murdered since 1980.  I would add that it is also the silence that surrounds so much of the violence.  Violence against women is an issue so often wrapped in a deafening silence.

Please help One Spark continue to do critical work that breaks down financial barriers to women living lives free of violence.  Please donate to our 2 For 2 Marathon at:

If you need more reasons, please take a minute to watch our golf tournament video.  Thanks for being part of our journey.

The Kindness that I Take With Me

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 12:25 PM

We're now under 3 weeks away from running the 2 For 2 Marathon.  It's been a tough journey to this point, and it will be a long road to conquer on October 18th.  I'm so proud and excited to be running that road with my sister, as I believe that we are all stronger when we take things on together.  This has been true of my training, so I wanted to share 3 of the greatest gifts of kindness I've received leading up to the big day.  Each of them (in addition to the amazing, generous, gracious hearts that have supported this run) has become my daily inspiration to run strong.

The first are my awesome new kicks.  A few years ago I found what I believed to be the perfect pair of running shoes: the first pair that I have been 100% comfortable in, with no foot pain, no blisters, no shin splints.  But as I started training the mesh on the front of them started to rip.  I wasn't sure what to do because I didn't want to run the marathon in anything other than these shoes, but I knew that that there was a chance they would completely fall apart mid-run.  A few weeks ago my husband came up with a scheme while he was out doing some shopping to get my daughter to take a picture of the inside of the tongue of my running shoe and text it to him.  He found the exact model and surprised me with a pair of new old shoes.  (#waybetterthanflowers)  I've loved every minute of training in them.

Then, last week I received two other amazing surprises.  The first were new socks that were sent to me by a dear friend and incredible soul, who not only found a pair that are totally blister-resistant, but also have great sentimental meaning because they let me take the warrior hearts of the people that are close to me that have been affected by cancer out on the road, reminding me what it means to take on a real battle.  I love that they say "Go Fight Cure".

And, finally, the beautiful medallion in the picture.  Those who see me regularly often notice that I wear a peace necklace that I almost never take off.  Now I have this medallion that I wear daily and will have around my neck on race day, so that it is close to my heart.  It's got the day and distance of the marathon, but the thing I love most about it is that my sister has the exact match to it...the only other one to exist.  It was a gift from her, and one of the best I have ever received.  I didn't think my gratitude to her could run any deeper, but she awed me with this amazing treasure.

Being supported in this journey in these ways - and in a million other wonderful ways - has reminded me that we all need a circle of support, compassion, empathy, and love.  That is the founding spirit of One Spark: to be part of that circle for women who are living their own challenging journey: to find ways to share the road with them and make their load a little less.  We truly are all stronger together.  I invite you to be part of that circle for the women we work with and consider supporting our marathon with a donation at

Thanks so much,


Why Run?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 5:39 AM

I’ve spent a lot of time by myself as I’ve logged the (seemingly endless) miles to prepare for this marathon. I’ll admit, there have been lonely times on the road that I’ve questioned why I am doing this. Of course, the most obvious answer is that I am doing this because I believe the money we raise running for One Spark can make a difference in the lives of women.

Over the course of various training runs, however, I’ve realized there are three more:

1.       I am doing this because I can get up on a Saturday morning and spend three or four hours training. I have been blessed with the financial means not have to go to a second or third job just to ensure my family has a safe place to live.

2.       I am doing this because I don’t worry what is happening to my children when I am out of the house for those hours. I know no harm will come to them even if I am not there, standing guard.

3.       I am doing this because the only reason I hurt is because the miles are piling up and my muscles are stiff. My aches are only a result of my running. There is no physical threat or pain in my life.

I am doing this because I believe everyone deserves a chance at financial security, freedom from fear, and a life without violence. I am doing this because I believe in a world where those things are not luxuries. I am doing this because I believe One Spark can make that happen.

If you believe, please consider donating to our run It just takes One Spark to change the world.

One Spark Celebrates its Second Birthday!

Saturday, August 22, 2015 3:48 AM

It's amazing that 2 years have already come and gone. It truly feels like the first 2 years have passed by in a heartbeat, but we are so excited about the things One Spark has achieved in that time and we are even more excited about what we see ahead.  Here are some highlights from our second year:

  • On October 2nd, 2014 we held our inaugural One Spark golf tournament at Deer Creek in Ajax.  It was an amazing day that rallied incredible support around One Spark's mission and work.  We are so excited about our 2nd annual happening on September 24th, and we are thrilled to have CCI Studios returning as our Presenting Sponsor.  Come and join us for another fabulous event!  You can register online at
  • On December 6th, we held our second annual Candle Campaign.  One Spark's social media lit up with pictures of candles shining in windows to honour those lost to violence, give hope to women affected by violence, and bring the issue of violence against women out of the darkness. 
  • Most importantly, this year was the year that we began delivering programming to women. Our first participants have completed the program components and are looking ahead to the wonderful opportunities they have ahead of them.  Piloting our programming with the first participants has also given us an invaluable opportunity to evaluate and assess our program delivery and outcomes to enhance our work in ways that will provide the highest levels of support to the women accessing our programs.  We were honoured to have one of the women we work with share her thoughts on the Entrepreneurship Program: "What I would like to say is that for the first time, I have had the greatest experience during this whole endeavor and none of it would be happening without One Spark. I have gained confidence, not only in myself, but as a women with substance that does have something to bring to the table. One Spark has listened to my idea's, even during the current struggles that I continue to have. They give me a direction and keep me on track as this has to be one of the hardest things to accomplish as an abused women, especially with children. The support from all of the experienced board members and all that they have to offer is supreme to say the least."
  • In May, One Spark clients had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Women Moving Forward Conference in Toronto.  This incredible conference featured sessions that share knowledge/experiences and provide tools for women to move forward from life challenges. Our clients unanimously agreed that it was a powerful and motivational experience.
  • In June, One Spark was honoured to receive the Workplace Group's Community Spirit and Vision Award.  We were so grateful to be recognized by such an amazing organization.
  • Our highly committed Board of Directors continues to diligently oversee and ensure effective strategic development of One Spark. We welcomed Lynden Evers and Danielle Rombough to our Board this year: two fantastic individuals that bring a wealth of experience, talent, and passion to our Board.
  • We were very excited to announce the development of "Hey Babies", a fabulous new online retailer of previously loved and practically new baby, child and maternity clothing that will be launching over the next year.  Hey Babies has committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from their sales to One Spark's work.  Please let us know if you have baby/children's clothes that you are looking to give away.
  • For the past number of months, Board Member Marlo Taylor and Executive Director Corrie Schneider have been training to run the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 18th.  They are calling it the "2 FOR 2" Marathon, as they are 2 sisters raising money to fund business start-up grants through the One Spark Entrepreneurship Program for two women working towards financial sustainability in order to live violence-free lives.  You can support their marathon quest at
  • Our support network continues to grow in leaps and bounds.  We are so grateful for those who have provided financial support, in-kind support, and those who rally their networks and community members to be part of the One Spark movement.  We see great things ahead in terms of community engagement!
It has truly been an amazing 2 years and we enter into our 3rd year with visions of growing and expanding the reach of our programs; looking at innovative new ways to deliver our mission; engaging individuals and communities in meaningful ways; and, most importantly, remaining fervently committed to our vision of a world where no woman faces financial barriers to living a life without violence.  Thank you for being there with us as it all continues to happen!

Conquering 16 KM

Monday, August 3, 2015 3:02 PM

Today I conquered the 16 km mark in my training for the One Spark marathon. Finishing this run, just shy of the ½ marathon distance, was the first time I truly believed I was going to finish this marathon.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I was exhausted and sore -- and ELATED that it was over. I was also fighting the voice in my head that was gleefully taunting me with the idea that the marathon was doing that 16 km AGAIN plus some. But then, somewhere way at the back of my brain, came the faintest sound of possibility. That it was going to be okay. That I GOT this.

The program I am using to train for the marathon is very big on visualization – when you’re out on a run and aching, imagine what your best run ever looked, felt and even smelled like. When you’re tired or frustrated, imagine what the end of the race will look, feel and smell like. Who will be there? How will you celebrate?

It sounds crazy, but it’s working for me. I can see it all – and am inspired during the darkest of my running moments to keep putting one foot in front of the other. And, step by step, the distance and time pass.

It’s a good lesson – that perhaps what is achievable is only limited by what we allow ourselves to imagine and create in our mind’s eye.

If you’ve ever imagined what could be, or believe in our individual power to change who we are and what we do, then please consider donating to One Spark. With your support, we will be able to help women who have imagined that their lives can and should be free of violence.

Thank you for imaginings – and sharing our vision.

Marlo Taylor

You can support our 2 for 2 Marathon at  Thanks in advance for your support!

What I Want to Tell You About One Spark

Sunday, July 19, 2015 3:48 PM

If you know me, you know that One Spark is a living piece of my heart: I immediately think about our work at One Spark when my eyes open in the morning and it's often the last thing I think about before shutting things down for the night.  Honestly, one of my greatest joys in life is when I see people excited, impassioned, engaged, and committed to our mission.  I'm always trying to think of ways to share and express my love for this organization.

So, for this week's blog, I thought I would give a quick synopsis of the Top Ten Things I Love About One Spark in the hope that it might move someone reading this to help us continue our work by supporting our 2 For 2 Marathon.

Here it goes:

10.  We are in a constant state of innovation.  When the people involved with One Spark are around a table, we are constantly trying to find meaningful solutions to eliminate violence against women and to brainstorm how we can rally communities in new ways to support women impacted by violence.  It is an amazing wellspring of ideas.

9.  We are acting on our ideas.  We started with an Entrepreneurship Program and our Candle Campaign.  We are in the process of bringing more amazing programming to life, including some very cool programming for girls: let's use entrepreneurship as a vehicle for prevention by engaging girls in our mission.

8.  We've been embraced by the most amazing organizations.  CCI Studios and The Workplace Group in particular have been such amazing champions on our behalf in our first 2 years of existence.

7.  We are committed to exceptional standards of accountability.  We match our innovative thinking with our concern for maximizing the use of the donations we receive and meeting and exceeding all standards of accountability required of Canadian charities and federally incorporated non-profits.

6.  We are an ever-growing band of individual supporters: people are constantly asking what they can do to support our work and wanting to engage in such amazing ways.  We believe we have incredible growth potential and will continue to engage the most amazing souls in our work.

5.  We have some exciting fundraising initiatives on the horizon: a social enterprise called Hey Babies; an amazing concert event called Revelree; our golf tournament; and our upcoming marathon are just a few of the great events that will be supporting us in the near-term (drop me a line if you're interested in supporting any of the above!).

4.  We have the most incredible Board of Directors.  I can't say enough about this group.  These spectacular individuals are smart, passionate, committed, trustworthy, and all-around fantastic people.  They are the heart and lifeblood of One Spark's work.

3.  We are serious about our work, but we never forget to laugh.

2.  We are seeing meaningful outcomes.  As one of the women we work with recently wrote, "I have gained confidence, not only in myself, but as a women with substance that does have something to bring to the table. One Spark has listened to my idea's, even during the current struggles that I continue to have. They give me a direction and keep me on track as this has to be one of the hardest things to accomplish as an abused women, especially with children. The support from all of the experienced board members and all that they have to offer is supreme to say the least."

1.  We work with courageous, resilient, incredible women.  We never stop learning from the women we work with and are so excited and hopeful about their next steps.  They are at the heart of One Spark's work and the reason we want to see One Spark continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

If you need more reasons, email me any time at  I could talk your ear off about One Spark's work, where it's going, and what we will continue to achieve.  If you're already feeling my love for this organization, please consider supporting it with a donation to the marathon my sister and I will be running to get two new women set up in their own business to help them move towards a life free of violence.  You can make a donation at  Thanks so much for your support!


The Greatest Cheerleader

Saturday, June 20, 2015 6:22 AM

Someone told me before I registered for the 2012 Scotiabank Toronto Marathon to be sure that I registered early enough to get my name printed on my race bib.  I didn't really get the significance of that advice until race day when the power of having people cheer me on by name was, at moments, all there was to convince me that I should keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

I don't know how many people line the streets during the waterfront marathon, but, amid everything I heard from the sidewalks that day and the number of people that willed me on by name, there was a voice I heard that seemed to somehow rise above.  It was my dad's.  There was a special strength in hearing my dad cheer me on that day because beyond whatever encouragement he was yelling out to me, I heard a million other things.  

I heard the day he bought my sister and I our first running gear (new shoes and matching pink wind pants with pink wind breakers).  He told us that he would support us 1000% if we wanted to be runners, but that we had to make the commitment and do the work.  I heard him on my graduation day, telling me how important it was to have a good education and that, no matter what happened in my life, no one could ever take my education away from me.  I saw his big smile as he watched my sister and I open up our fully-stocked toolboxes on Christmas morning, telling us to never be dependent on someone else when we were perfectly capable of doing things ourselves.  I saw him tear up before walking me down the aisle on my wedding day.  I heard him tell his granddaughters how important an education is and that no matter what happens in their life, no one can take it away from them.

I also heard him championing an end to violence against women. There is something incredibly powerful in hearing the men in your life, and particularly your dad, cheerlead an end to gender-based violence.  It makes me realize what a gift his example of respecting and championing women truly is. It made me realize how blessed I am to have my dad cheering me on.

And so I encourage all dads to never underestimate the gift you are to your daughters and all men to appreciate the impact of your example.  And I leave you with one of the greatest moments I've ever lived...and the voice of the best cheerleader I could ask for.  Thank you dad for believing in all that I have ever wanted to do, and thank you for your belief in the importance of ending violence.  Happy Father's Day!

(Please consider supporting the marathon my sister and I are running - and I know my dad will be cheering for - with a donation supporting One Spark's programs that assist women to achieve financial security in order to be free of violence.  You can make a donation at

Running Isn't Hard (by Marlo Taylor)

Saturday, May 23, 2015 8:13 AM

I’m not a natural runner. In fact, while I have been blessed with a body more than physically capable of running, over the years I have been lacing up my shoes it’s never really gotten easier – mentally or physically. I do it because I like to feel strong and I love crossing the finish line. But the actual act of running? Not so much.

I am also a compulsive scheduler. If there’s a minute in the day, let’s fill it! My mantra: Relaxing is for the weak! Interestingly, though, I rarely proactively book that time for my runs so am consistently bemoaning the fact that I can’t fit them in. How am I expected to run and do all the other things I tell myself are day-to-day necessities?

I used to think this whole running thing was hard. Doing it, making time for it . . . hard, right? No. Running isn’t hard. At least not in the ways I've been complaining about.

What’s hard is needing to escape an abusive situation, find a safe place for you and possibly your kids, and face an uncertain future. What’s hard is being courageous when your body and heart hurt. What’s hard is truly believing no one – including you – deserves to live with violence.

I’m running because it’s the least I can do to help while other women are doing the truly heavy lifting.

2 for 2 is hoping to raise $4,000. For $4,000 we can help two women tackle what’s really hard. We can help them as they take on the challenge of imaging what comes next for them and their families as independent, hopefully thriving entrepreneurs. We can support their business development as they try to create financial stability.

Tonight, I’ll lace up my shoes (and likely whine while doing it), but I’ll come home to a house that is safe and I will sleep well because there is no threat to either me or my children. Imagine being able to help two more women find their path to that kind of peace of mind.

True Story: Why We're Running

Monday, May 18, 2015 6:24 AM

Since One Spark's inception, I have often said that I wish everyone involved with One Spark could sit at the table with the women entrepreneurs we work with and experience their determination to courageously carve out a new path.  As a means of sharing our partnership with the women we support, I asked one of our clients if she would be willing to write a short description of her experience working with One Spark.  With her permission (and her enthusiasm: she is extremely eager to share her story for any others it may touch and/or benefit), I am sharing her words. 

"What I would like to say is that for the first time, I have had the greatest experience during this whole endeavor and none of it would be happening without One Spark. I have gained confidence, not only in myself, but as a women with substance that does have something to bring to the table. One Spark has listened to my idea's, even during the current struggles that I continue to have. They give me a direction and keep me on track as this has to be one of the hardest things to accomplish as an abused women, especially with children. The support from all of the experienced board members and all that they have to offer is supreme to say the least.

All the support that I have received could not be written in this letter as there is not enough words to explain. What needs to be said though is that even knowing the experience that the board members bring to the table along with Corrie Schneider's knowledge, none of this could happen without funding. As we all know, all the experience, all of the hard work, no matter the idea, can't be done without money or funding in any way.

I hope that you see the benefits in helping this wonderful and well needed Organization and all that it will do for our future as human beings.

Thank you so much."

Please consider supporting the "2 for 2" marathon to raise money for start-up business grants for two women: we're 2 sisters running for 2 women entrepreneurs.  Our goal is $4,000, the cost of 2 One Spark start-up grants for women impacted by violence.  You can make a donation at:

Thank you for your support!

A One Spark Mother's Day Wish

Friday, May 8, 2015 5:59 AM

We truly work with some amazing moms at One Spark.  Here's to these incredible women - and all moms - on Mother's Day.

Do You Mind if I Run With You?

Thursday, April 30, 2015 12:03 PM

I'd like to take a minute to talk about this picture.

The runner on the right is me (Corrie Schneider) on October 14th, 2012. I was approximately 30 km into my attempt at completing my first marathon (the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon in Toronto). The runner on the left is my sister.  If you zoom in on the picture, you'll see that my sister isn't wearing a race bib...or proper running clothes.  She wasn't supposed to run that day.

About 15 minutes before this picture was taken, I had reached the 28 km market and had turned the corner to head north on Coxwell Ave. Ahead of me on the sidewalk I could see my mom, dad, and sister holding up signs encouraging me to "Run Strong!". It's such an amazing feeling to be out on that road with people cheering you on and cheering you home. The truth, though, was that 15 minutes before this picture was taken, I wasn't feeling strong at all: my shoulders and lower legs were screaming with pain and when I finally reached my cheering section the only words I could get out of my mouth as I was running by were, "I hurt".  Before I could inhale my next breath, my amazing sister threw off her backpack, stepped off the curb and said, "Do you mind if I run with you?".  

No kidding, three years later, my eyes water all over again thinking about it.

My sister ran the next 5 km with me: making jokes, singing to me, and cheering me on...anything to try to take away my pain.  Then, in the best relay I will ever be a part of, she slipped off to the side of the road at 33 km, and my awesome husband took over and ran with me until I was 1 km away from the finish line.  Definitely 42.2  of the best kilometres my feet will ever travel.

In my experience, few things are more powerful than people rallying to lift someone up in times of challenge and struggle.  The journeys we share with women at One Spark remind me so much of that marathon: we are honoured to be introduced to the most amazing women and then to have the opportunity to say, "Do you mind if we run with you?". They are the might and determination that cross the finish line with their own will and strength, but we have the unbelievable experience of being there for a few kilometres on their journey.

And, so, in solidarity with women living with violence, my sister Marlo and I are so excited to reunite on the marathon course at the 2015 Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon, both of us officially running this year's race.  With our "2 for 2 Marathon", we are running to raise money to fund One Spark start-up grants for 2 women that are launching their own businesses as a means of working towards financial self-sufficiency in order to live free from violence.  Two sisters for two women entrepreneurs, and an end to violence.  (You can read more about One Spark's work at

Our goal is to raise $4,000.  We're kindly asking you to consider supporting our run and to stay tuned as we blog about how the preparation and training are going.  We are so grateful for your support of One Spark's work to help women escape violence, and we look forward to an incredible journey.

Thanks for running with us,
Marlo Taylor and Corrie Schneider

To make a donation, please visit our CanadaHelps page at 

As We Celebrate National Volunteer Week, Here’s to our Board of Directors

Monday, April 13, 2015 3:08 PM

I don’t think I will ever forget the moment that the One Spark Board of Directors took its first breath. It was June 26, 2013 at approximately 1:00 p.m.  I sat across from Jo-Anne Liburd over a pint on a Front Street patio in Toronto and said nervously, “I want to talk to you about something”.  By 1:30 Jo-Anne was the founding President of the One Spark Board of Directors.

I know for a fact that many organizations have outstanding Boards of Directors, but as we celebrate National Volunteer Week, I want to share why I love the One Spark Board from the bottom of my heart.  So here it is:  I adore this crew because I asked them not to join and lead an organization, but to whole-heartedly believe in a concept and then to leap right into that idea with no guarantees of how it would unfold. There was no office, no staff, no coffee maker, no lights to turn off when they leave. There was simply an application for incorporation and massive, unassailable faith in what was possible.  They've been asked to take time away from the families and friends they adore and the daily work that fills their plates, and to commit to reviewing programs, approving minutes, developing policy, discussing finances, organizing golf tournaments, and – most importantly – taking on violence against women.  They have taken it on fiercely and, in the words of Theodore Roosevelt, they have dared greatly.  As the Board of Directors, Jo-Anne, Lynden, Danielle, Marlo, Flavio, Heather, Howie and Rachel are the brilliant heart, brain, hands, feet, eyes, and voice of what One Spark has become.

Lucky for me, they are also 8 of the funniest people I know.

So, as we toast the volunteers that make the non-profit world turn, here’s to 8 amazing people that have collectively brought One Spark to life.  With an immensely grateful heart, I thank you.

One Spark Executive Director

Introducing Hey Babies!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 9:38 AM

One Spark is incredibly excited to announce the anticipated Fall 2015 launch of Hey Babies, a new enterprise of our amazing corporate supporters, CCI Studios.  Hey Babies will be an online retailer of previously loved and practically new baby and child clothing, as well as maternity clothing: the site will be updated with quality items daily and the sales/shipping process will be quick, seamless, and user friendly.  

The most amazing part of the Hey Babies initiative is that it will support the work of One Spark - and our mandate of addressing violence against women - on a number of meaningful levels: a percentage of Hey Babies' profits will be donated to provide ongoing funding to One Spark; Hey Babies will provide career development opportunities for women experiencing violence; and it will provide an amazing channel for generating awareness of One Spark and issues associated with violence against women. Hey Babies is truly a unique, inspiring, and socially conscious initiative that we are thrilled to see coming to life!

Hey Babies' inventory will be donated by community members, who in turn will be given a gift certificate to shop on their site.  If you have children's and/or maternity clothes that you would like to put to amazing use, let us know and we will arrange to have them collected for Hey Babies re-sale.  To schedule a pick-up, email me directly at

For more information, check out the blog of CCI Studios' Vice President, Heather Lapier:

We are so grateful to CCI for this partnership opportunity and look forward to the official launch later this year!!  Stay tuned for Hey Babies updates as the launch date approaches!