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Why Run?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 5:39 AM

I’ve spent a lot of time by myself as I’ve logged the (seemingly endless) miles to prepare for this marathon. I’ll admit, there have been lonely times on the road that I’ve questioned why I am doing this. Of course, the most obvious answer is that I am doing this because I believe the money we raise running for One Spark can make a difference in the lives of women.

Over the course of various training runs, however, I’ve realized there are three more:

1.       I am doing this because I can get up on a Saturday morning and spend three or four hours training. I have been blessed with the financial means not have to go to a second or third job just to ensure my family has a safe place to live.

2.       I am doing this because I don’t worry what is happening to my children when I am out of the house for those hours. I know no harm will come to them even if I am not there, standing guard.

3.       I am doing this because the only reason I hurt is because the miles are piling up and my muscles are stiff. My aches are only a result of my running. There is no physical threat or pain in my life.

I am doing this because I believe everyone deserves a chance at financial security, freedom from fear, and a life without violence. I am doing this because I believe in a world where those things are not luxuries. I am doing this because I believe One Spark can make that happen.

If you believe, please consider donating to our run It just takes One Spark to change the world.

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