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The Kindness that I Take With Me

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 12:25 PM

We're now under 3 weeks away from running the 2 For 2 Marathon.  It's been a tough journey to this point, and it will be a long road to conquer on October 18th.  I'm so proud and excited to be running that road with my sister, as I believe that we are all stronger when we take things on together.  This has been true of my training, so I wanted to share 3 of the greatest gifts of kindness I've received leading up to the big day.  Each of them (in addition to the amazing, generous, gracious hearts that have supported this run) has become my daily inspiration to run strong.

The first are my awesome new kicks.  A few years ago I found what I believed to be the perfect pair of running shoes: the first pair that I have been 100% comfortable in, with no foot pain, no blisters, no shin splints.  But as I started training the mesh on the front of them started to rip.  I wasn't sure what to do because I didn't want to run the marathon in anything other than these shoes, but I knew that that there was a chance they would completely fall apart mid-run.  A few weeks ago my husband came up with a scheme while he was out doing some shopping to get my daughter to take a picture of the inside of the tongue of my running shoe and text it to him.  He found the exact model and surprised me with a pair of new old shoes.  (#waybetterthanflowers)  I've loved every minute of training in them.

Then, last week I received two other amazing surprises.  The first were new socks that were sent to me by a dear friend and incredible soul, who not only found a pair that are totally blister-resistant, but also have great sentimental meaning because they let me take the warrior hearts of the people that are close to me that have been affected by cancer out on the road, reminding me what it means to take on a real battle.  I love that they say "Go Fight Cure".

And, finally, the beautiful medallion in the picture.  Those who see me regularly often notice that I wear a peace necklace that I almost never take off.  Now I have this medallion that I wear daily and will have around my neck on race day, so that it is close to my heart.  It's got the day and distance of the marathon, but the thing I love most about it is that my sister has the exact match to it...the only other one to exist.  It was a gift from her, and one of the best I have ever received.  I didn't think my gratitude to her could run any deeper, but she awed me with this amazing treasure.

Being supported in this journey in these ways - and in a million other wonderful ways - has reminded me that we all need a circle of support, compassion, empathy, and love.  That is the founding spirit of One Spark: to be part of that circle for women who are living their own challenging journey: to find ways to share the road with them and make their load a little less.  We truly are all stronger together.  I invite you to be part of that circle for the women we work with and consider supporting our marathon with a donation at

Thanks so much,


Why Run?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 5:39 AM

I’ve spent a lot of time by myself as I’ve logged the (seemingly endless) miles to prepare for this marathon. I’ll admit, there have been lonely times on the road that I’ve questioned why I am doing this. Of course, the most obvious answer is that I am doing this because I believe the money we raise running for One Spark can make a difference in the lives of women.

Over the course of various training runs, however, I’ve realized there are three more:

1.       I am doing this because I can get up on a Saturday morning and spend three or four hours training. I have been blessed with the financial means not have to go to a second or third job just to ensure my family has a safe place to live.

2.       I am doing this because I don’t worry what is happening to my children when I am out of the house for those hours. I know no harm will come to them even if I am not there, standing guard.

3.       I am doing this because the only reason I hurt is because the miles are piling up and my muscles are stiff. My aches are only a result of my running. There is no physical threat or pain in my life.

I am doing this because I believe everyone deserves a chance at financial security, freedom from fear, and a life without violence. I am doing this because I believe in a world where those things are not luxuries. I am doing this because I believe One Spark can make that happen.

If you believe, please consider donating to our run It just takes One Spark to change the world.