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Running Isn't Hard (by Marlo Taylor)

Saturday, May 23, 2015 8:13 AM

I’m not a natural runner. In fact, while I have been blessed with a body more than physically capable of running, over the years I have been lacing up my shoes it’s never really gotten easier – mentally or physically. I do it because I like to feel strong and I love crossing the finish line. But the actual act of running? Not so much.

I am also a compulsive scheduler. If there’s a minute in the day, let’s fill it! My mantra: Relaxing is for the weak! Interestingly, though, I rarely proactively book that time for my runs so am consistently bemoaning the fact that I can’t fit them in. How am I expected to run and do all the other things I tell myself are day-to-day necessities?

I used to think this whole running thing was hard. Doing it, making time for it . . . hard, right? No. Running isn’t hard. At least not in the ways I've been complaining about.

What’s hard is needing to escape an abusive situation, find a safe place for you and possibly your kids, and face an uncertain future. What’s hard is being courageous when your body and heart hurt. What’s hard is truly believing no one – including you – deserves to live with violence.

I’m running because it’s the least I can do to help while other women are doing the truly heavy lifting.

2 for 2 is hoping to raise $4,000. For $4,000 we can help two women tackle what’s really hard. We can help them as they take on the challenge of imaging what comes next for them and their families as independent, hopefully thriving entrepreneurs. We can support their business development as they try to create financial stability.

Tonight, I’ll lace up my shoes (and likely whine while doing it), but I’ll come home to a house that is safe and I will sleep well because there is no threat to either me or my children. Imagine being able to help two more women find their path to that kind of peace of mind.

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  1. Good stuff. Honest and to the point about what is tough in life. Great cause and I encourage you to be good to your sister, Corrie! You girls are awesome! xoxo